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1. In water, the direction along the stream is called downstream. And the direction against the stream is called upstream. 2. Let the speed of a boat in still water be u km/hr and the speed of the stream be v km/hr, then Speed downstream = (u + v) km/hr ...
Problems on Ages (Quick Tips and Tricks) 1) If the current age of a person be X, then - age after n years = X + n - age n years ago = X – n - n times the age = nX - If ages in the numerical are mentioned in ratio A : B, then A : B will be AX and BX 2) If sum of ages...
Indian Railways is one of the largest railway system in the world with around 14 lakhs employees. Railway Recruitment Board is one of the largest organisation which conducts the entrance examinations for various openings in the Railways service. Jobs in railways are divided into four...