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Code-T38752 Blood relation part 3

20 Questions
30 Minutes
20 Marks
No Negative

Code-T13939 Ratio & Proportion Part-1

10 Questions
20 Minutes
10 Marks
0.2 Negative

Code-T29848 Struggles and Movements

20 Questions
30 Minutes
20 Marks
No Negative
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1. Decimal Fraction : Fractions in which denominators are powers of 10 are known as decimal fractions. A fraction written as a decimal. A decimal point separates whole numbers from decimal fractions for example, 1/10 = 1 tenth = .1 1/100 = hundredth = .01 99/100 = 99 hundredths = .99 ...
1. Average refers to the sum of numbers divided by n. Also called the mean average. Average Formula = Sum of observations/ Number of observations Some important properties of average are: When the difference between all the items is same (and the number of terms is odd), then...