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Mock Tests

Code-T38659 Blood relation part 2

20 Questions
30 Minutes
20 Marks
No Negative

Code-T24546 Heron's Formula (9th Maths Ch.12)

10 Questions
55 Minutes
30 Marks
No Negative
Competition in Education system is increasing. You have to stand up in a unique way to stand out in the crowd. The best ways to attract students to coaching institutes in this current times are: * Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing & Message Marketing * Hire the best faculti...
Before the Online Exam: Prepare Read and understand the test guidelines. Be sure you can answer these questions: Will the test take place at a specific date and time, or can you take the exam at any point during a particular window of time? How much time will you have to complete the...
Problems on Ages (Quick Tips and Tricks) 1) If the current age of a person be X, then - age after n years = X + n - age n years ago = X – n - n times the age = nX - If ages in the numerical are mentioned in ratio A : B, then A : B will be AX and BX 2) If sum of ages...