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Code-T12405 Average Test Part 1

10 Questions
20 Minutes
10 Marks
No Negative
Reasoning is a process of evaluation. Aptitude is capability. For example, if someone has an aptitude for math then they can reason out the processes more easily. Aptitude is certain capability like thinking deeply, taking things logically, learning technical subjects, teaching, training peo...
Problems on Ages (Quick Tips and Tricks) 1) If the current age of a person be X, then - age after n years = X + n - age n years ago = X – n - n times the age = nX - If ages in the numerical are mentioned in ratio A : B, then A : B will be AX and BX 2) If sum of ages...
1. BODMAS Rule : This rule depicts the correct sequence in which the operation are to be executed, so as to find out the value of a given expression. BODMAS is a short form for Bracket, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. In some regions, PEDMAS (Parentheses, Exponents, D...